Model, scale 1:200

Public Library
Delft, Netherlands 1997

The location is a public-buildings area bordering on Delft historic centre.
The library consist of a big outer wrapping in which the double-height space visually portrays the origin of the centrifugal dynamics, which the whole project is based on.

Model, scale 1:200

Intermodal transfer point
Amsterdam CityPort '97
The site of the project is the Southern expansion of Amsterdam. The project, originating from an urbanistic enquiry about the area, aims to merge into one design the present chaotic distribution of the skyscrapers at the moment surrounding the intervention area.


Pozzuoli, Naples 1995

It is a matter of building replacement in Pozzuoli historic centre, in a lot embedded between two buildings and whit its facade on “Republic square”.
The concept of the project is to split the house into two zones: “day-zone” and “night-zone” separated by a central garden which gives the project a strong introspective character.

Model, scale 1:500

  Cultural Centre
Miano, Napoli 1994

The cultural centre is articulated along a route that links, with a bridge nnection, Miano historic centre with Capodimonte park.
The objective of this project is to obtain the best possible reading of the scenery studying the view toward the natural and architectural elements of the valley.